How to support Lakshmi Ashram or to sponsor a child:


A sponsorship cost 240 euro/dkr. 1800 kr. a year (including the membership fee) and can be paid in the following ways:

per month 20 euro.
per quarter year 60 euro.
per half year 120 euro.
per year 240 euro.

Other support

If you don’t wish to sponsor a child, you can still support Lakshmi Ashram financially by donating any sum you like to Friends of Lakshmi Ashram. The money will be used for some of the many activities of Lakshmi Ashram.

When you donate money, you will automatically become a member of Friends of Lakshmi Ashram and 10 euro from your donation will cover the membership fee. The balance on the administration account will be sent to Lakshmi Ashram.

If you would like to support Lakshmi Ashram, please contact:

Friends of Lakshmi Ashram

c/o Lone Poulsen

Præstehusene 6

Dk-2620 Albertslund

Tlf. +45 43 96 13 71

lone-poulsen “at” comxnet “dot” dk

Or you can transfer money to:

Friends of Lakshmi Ashram’s account

IBAN: DK0330000003141861