Friends of Lakshmi Ashram


[To the top] Introduction

The association of Lakshmi Ashram friends started in 1967, when Inger Marie og Svend Otto Sørensen met Devi Puraskar Pandey, at that time teacher on Lakshmi Ashram. That was the start of a close friendship and the idea of supporting the ashram financially. In the beginning a small amount of money was sent now and then, but along the way it became possible to become a sponsor for the girls. Great help was contributed from Lion’s Club and the assosiation of the Soroptimists in Denmark. By april 1. 1994 the administration for the Lakshmi Ashram friends was taken over by Lone Poulsen.

[To the top] How to become a member

If you want to become a member of the association of Lakshmi Ashram friends and recieve the newsletter, or know more about the association of Lakshmi Ashram friends, please contact:

Friends of Lakshmi Ashram

c/o Lone Poulsen

Præstehusene 6

Dk-2620 Albertslund

Tlf. +45 43 96 13 71

lone-poulsen “at”comxnet “dot” dk

The membership fee is 10 euro per year.

[To the top] Sponsorship and other support

Everybody, as well as single persons as associations, can subscribe for a sponsorship on the girls of Lakshmi Ashram. If you don’t wish to sponsor a child, you can still support Lakshmi Ashram financially by donating any sum you like to Friends of Lakshmi Ashram. The money will be used for some of the many activities of Lakshmi Ashram. Some of the larger projects is also supported by DANIDA, the danish state’s organisation for supporting development countries, and the corrosponding norwegian and swedish organisations.

[To the top] Sanchar

A couple of times each year a Sanchar, a news letter on Lakshmi Ashram. It is not possible as a sponsor to have directly contact with “your” child, as the girls have their own family, wich maybe cannot afford to pay for the school. For the ashram it is importent that the girls do not feel inferior on that account..

[To the top] Lectures, slides and billboards

If you live in Denmark it is possible to get lecture with slides. You can also lend a plate exhibition, wich consists of eight plates (90 by 120 cm) with 35 big fotos with text.

[To the top] A book on Lakshmi Ashram

The book »Lakshmi Ashram« was published in 1993 i danish, on 104 pages with many photos. The book contains a number of essays, partially written by som of the workers on the ashram. It is sold or a minimum of dkr. 50.

[To the top] Articles of Friends of Lakshmi Ashram

§ 1

Friends of Lakshmi Ashram is a private, non-profit, humanitarian charity registered in Denmark.


The object of the charity is

Subsection 1.

The object is to

  • To search and receive voluntary subscriptions primarily in Denmark, but from other countries as well
  • To send the subscriptions to Kasturba Mahila Utthan Mandal / Lakshmi Ashram, an institution in the spirit of Gandhi in India, a boarding school primarily for needy girls from mountain villages
  • Lahshmi Ashram,

    P.O. Kausani

    District Almora

    Uttaranchal 263-639


  • To popularize the knowledge of Gandhi’s thoughts about teaching, environmental policy and non-violence philosophy.


Members and subscription

Subsection 1.

Anybody who affiliates to the object of the charity can be admitted in Friends of Lakshmi Ashram.

Subsection 2.

Subscription is specified for one year at a time by a general meeting.


General meeting

Subsection 1.

The general meeting is held once a year and is summoned with at least 2 weeks’ notice in writing to the members.

Subsection 2.

Extraordinary general meeting can be summoned by the committee or by 1/3 of the members of the charity with 2 weeks’ notice.

Subsection 3.

Proposals, which are to be considered by the general meeting, must come to the hands of the committee not later than 7 days before the general meeting.

Subsection 4.

Attendances at the general meeting have the right of voting. There is one vote per membership.

Subsection 5.

The agenda of the ordinary general meeting

1. Election of chairman and reporter

2. The committee’s report

3. Presentation and acceptance of annual accounts

4. Fixing of subscription

5. Received proposals

6. Election of 3 to 4 committee members

7. Election of 1 committee deputy

8. Election of auditor and auditor deputy

9. Other business.

Subsection 6.

The decisions of the general meeting are written down and are published together with the next newsletter/Sanchar.

Subsection 7.

The general committee makes decisions by ordinary majority of votes cf §8 and §9 Subsection 1.


The committee

Subsection 1.

The committee constitutes itself.

Subsection 2

The committee manages the charity in accordance with the articles and the decisions of the general meeting.

Subsection 3

Only the present assets guarantees for the liabilities of the charity.


Accounts and auditing

Subsection 1.

The capital of the charity is deposited in an established financial institution

Subsection 2.

The accounting year is 1. January – 31. December.

Subsection 3.

Auditor certified accounts is sent out to the members.


Provisions regulating the power to bind

The chairman and one committee member bind the charity in financial matters.


Amendments of the articles

Amendments of the articles can be adopted on any general meeting, when at least 2/3 of the present members vote for the proposal.


Dissolution of the charity

Subsection 1.

The dissolution of the charity can only happen on a general meeting, which has been summoned with this in view and with 2/3 of the present members’ votes

Subsection 2.

It is the decision of the general meeting, who can be entrusted with the assets in dissolution of the charity. However the assets can only be entrusted with an organisation/foundation consistent with the objective of Friends of Lakshmi Ashram.